Monday, May 18, 2009

Western Heritage Classic

I promise not to do this, yet I keep doing it. My mom's cousin LaRue even got on to me....still did it. I can only say I'll try to be a better blogger.

We went to Western Heritage in Abilene a little while ago. (That sounds better than May 6,7,8. Riley and Tripp were in the RHAA (Ranch Horse Association of America) Finals. Those who made the finals competed in two rounds in which the top five went into a final final round. They both made it back on their horses. Tripp on Cricket and Hooray and Riley on Gunner. Riley did well, but didn't come home with a saddle. Tripp ended up being reserve on Cricket and scored a pretty cool buckle. I think Trail was claiming it.

Scout got to swim for the first time. She loves the water. (Speaking of she was soaked when I picked her up this afternoon. She and Hope had been planting flowers.) She kicked and splashed with Riley and Trail. The swimming suit is too funny. It was quite a chore getting her into it and extra hard to peel off. How can it be so cute to look like that in a swimming suit when you are 1 and not so cute when you are 28?

Scout & Riley making the same face.

Scout on her back kicking.

"The Swimming Suit"

(This picture doesn't do justice to how tight it is.)

Scout in the hotel room window looking ornery!!

Me, Mom, and Scout

I'm not good at telling my momma how much I appreciate her. She is a great mom!! You never notice all the stuff moms do until later. My mom made so many sacrifices and decisions based around me. I can never thank her enough. Now all I can do is try to be the same kind of mom for Scout.

Riley has a great mom too!! I wouldn't have this wonderful man if it wasn't for all that she did raising him. Tam....I usually just tease you and jokingly blame ya'll for all of his tiny little flaws. He is great and you did a great job with him.

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