Sunday, April 26, 2009

Too Long!!

I hate it when I neglect my blog like this. Guess that's just what happens when you are raising a sweet girl, teaching school + part-time job..........

Scout is doing great. She is crawling everywhere and loves to play chase. Daddy is much better at that game than I am. She has had a black eye and the yucky tummy stuff, but we're good now. This past week her Grams (Tammy) came to babysit. I think they had a great time together.

About my teaching school. I am subbing for the junior high math teacher here at S-E. She had a baby this month and I will finish the year out for her. We have TAKS all this week. YUCK!! I am glad that I can do a favor, but I am reminded all over again why I'm not still teaching. Scout beats the heck out of junior high students. Hope is keeping her and I'm pretty sure they have a "large time" every day.

Thats about it here. Hope you enjoy the photos from the past month.

Scout & Momma

The black eye.

Crazy Sleeper!

(Scout & Riley are the only 2 people I know that could sleep face down.)

Flower Head!

Scout's new spurs!

My uncle Don brought Scout these spurs today. Aren't they the cutest things? I love, love them and cannot begin to explain how special it is that he made them for her.

So here is our newest trick......belly-dancing. I have accused Hope of teaching her (ha-ha). Not sure where she came up with this one, but it's pretty funny.


NieNie and Goose said...

She is so precious! And yes, you did so good on the baseball blanket and burp cloth! We love sports around here!!

Kait said...

She definitely wins the prize for the CUTEST NIECE ever!!!!