Monday, May 18, 2009

Garden, garden....please grow!!

Riley and I decided to grow a garden at the feedyard this year. We have a big space and have planted quite a bit of stuff. It has just been so hot, that we can't seem to keep it wet enough. Most of it is coming up ok; maybe I don't have any patience.

Scout has been so good while we work. She either sits in her stroller and watches Riley and Tripp rope, plays with Trail, or crawls around. Mo, the feedyard pup, came and knocked her over once. She was pretty angry about being high-centered on one of the rows. I'm sure some will think I'm not a good mother, but it is near impossible to keep her from eating dirt.

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Me.. said...

It IS your job to make sure she gets vitamins and minerals. Dirt is just minerals. Good moms let their kids eat dirt..and get dirty!(or maybe it's that guilty moms stick together??)