Sunday, January 25, 2009


It seems like this has been the past couple of weeks for a lot of firsts. I'm talking like big firsts. The first first was getting to ride a horse. She was on Gunner the day we took pictures in the wheat pasture, but it was freezing and she was wrapped in a quilt and probably didn't even realize she was on a horse.

The next first was getting teeth....not a tooth, but both bottom teeth. I guess I had sort of given up on it happening. One day she was chewing on my finger and I actually felt it. She has acted great. How lucky are we?

Another first was going to church with her daddy this morning. I felt yucky so they went without me. He is pretty brave to take her all by himself. I'd say it's one thing when you can just stay home and spread all the toys out on the floor, but this is a little different. On the way home they stopped at United to pick up lunch, medicine, and a few things we justs had to have. Scout loves her Daddy and he absolutely adores her.

Let's see....she's also been sort of making a fist. Surely that means she'll be tuff, right?

I'm sure the patty-cake thing is totally coincidence. She probably has no idea what she's doing and won't do it again for several months, but parents like to think their kid is smart!! I can't believe I actually captured this on video. Lucky!!


Tandy Adams said...

Thanks updating! I love to see new blog entries! Scout is the cutest baby ever! Love, Aunt Tandy

Me.. said...

I LOVE the patty cake one!! She is so cute! (Yeah, yeah..I know you know but I have to say it anyway!)