Sunday, January 25, 2009

Christmas Part B

On Thursday evening (was that Christmas Day? long ago I can't even remember) the Smith crew, Bob, Tam, Brook, & Kait, came to our house. We opened gifts that evening. Scout got soooo much stuff, mostly clothes that she actually needed and is already getting to wear. We got to have our company until Sunday, which was especially nice since we never get to see Brook & Kait.

When Mrs. Photographer (Kait) is around I don't take pictures. Then I have to wait and get them from her.....etc. By the way she now has her own little website thing up. It is The password for Scout's album is smith. The pics are awesome!!

Scout & Uncle Brook

Scout with one of her books.

Aunt Kait & Scout

Scout & Grams reading.

Kait took this....isn't it great?


Kait said...

Yay!! Part B! Thanks for the props by the way! Tell Scoutie hi!

Me.. said...

Hey Tori! I forgot to check back on your blog until you left me a comment. I'm adding you to my blogroll so I'll that okay? Scout is just tooo cute!! Jerry and I laughed at the picture of her looking in the mirror on your sister in law's site. We said, "hey we've had those moments too!" Shocking sometimes! Keep in touch.