Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Shipping Cattle

Last Wednesday, yes I know I'm a little behind, we went to Stinnett to ship cattle with Grams & Gramps Smith. Here are a couple pics from our short time there.

We pulled up and Gramps (Bob) was moving some cattle to a different pasture. Riley jumped on Gunner bareback to help. (You can see him in the distance.) I would have ended up on the ground if I had tried.

Scout and Grams stayed in the pickup while we gathered.

Here are a couple of pics of the critters. Gunner was about to knock me down when I tried taking pictures of him. He is such a big pet. It's almost like he's a dog in a horse body. Tug was so happy to get to "work". He stays home a lot during the summer when they don't have cattle turned out on pasture. There isn't much for him to do around the feedyard.


Tug a.k.a. Tuggy, Tug-a-Lug

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Kait said...

Ok in this pic she looks JUST like her daddy! Sorry Mom! :)