Thursday, October 9, 2008

4 Months......Already???

Scout had her 4 month doctor appointment yesterday. She got four shots and an oral. I had been telling the nurse that she wasn't going to cry. Of course I didn't know that, just hoping. She never even made a face on the first two sticks and kind of hollered on the third and fourth. She quit crying before I even picked her up. What a big girl!! I am very proud of her.

Scout's 4 month stats:

Weight - 15 pounds (75th percentile)
Height - 26.25 inches (95th percentile)

I took Scout to Granny-Great's (Riley' grandma) house when we got to town. She looked after "tootsie" while I ran errands. I was able to meet Sarah for lunch and get alot done in a very short time. I think they had fun. Granny loaded Scout up in a shopping cart, with pillows and blankets of course, and they went visiting. I'm so sad that I don't have a picture of it. Next time I'll leave the stroller. Thank you granny!!

I must also report her two new tricks. She snorts like a pig. I have no idea where she got that, must be from the Smith or Creamer side. Ha Ha that's a joke. Tandy and I snort all the time when we laugh. I'm hoping Scout is just going through a phase. She doesn't always make a full snort, mostly she wrinkles her nose and blows air in and out.

Scout has also found her toes over the past couple of weeks. She even gets upset when she's in her carseat and can't get a foot in her mouth. Nothing like sucking on your big toe. So now we always have soggy socks. Yuck!!

Yummy Toes!!

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