Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ranch style beans!! It's like they are my best friend and my enemy too. Riley loves RS beans more than any other item in this world. (Well.....Chips Ahoy would be right up there.) He wants them with every meal or in every meal, which is easy for me. However, I don't feel that it is helping me grow into a good/gourmet cook like I would love to be. When I'm at the store buying 6 or 7 cans at a time I feel like people look in my basket and feel sorry for my poor husband. I want to have a sign explaining that this is his request.

The other Sunday evening......I can't remember what I had fixed for supper, but Riley "needed" beans and heaven forbid I had let us run out. He got all dressed up in shorts, t-shirt, sandals (with socks) and cap to head to Allsup's to get some. The whole time I'm sitting her thinking that if I needed him to go to the store for garlic or cream or something like that he would ask if he had to or if I could make do without it. Now here he is making a special trip for RS beans.

I have even made a pot of real beans that everyone claimed was tastey.....except for Riley. He sure didn't start requesting them. Maybe this "situation" is truly a reflection of my cooking. I must have yet to put a side dish before my food obssessed husband that can even compare with RS beans.

So help me out here people. Do your hubbies love, hate, tolerate....RS beans? What about you? What can I do here? Send me recipes/sympathy whatever you have.


Tandy Adams said...

All I've got for you is this: Do you have Argo or powdered sugar to thicken your gravy with? LOL

Kerry Don's not a bean man... thank goodness! Cuz I wouldn't be able to sleep with him every night. LOL

Anonymous said...

I have often wondered if people look in my buggy what they would think?!? Dustin used to take TV dinners to work for lunch, so I did get a couple of "bad wife" looks when I loaded 14 of them on the belt at the check out line.

As for beans, Dustin makes his own. His obsession now is adding hot sauce, cayenne pepper or anything spicy to whatever dish I put in front of him!