Friday, November 21, 2014


The other day I was tagged #WIDN (what I'm doing now) on InstaGram by my friend Kristin.  This is what I was doing.

Sitting on the couch, 
in my jammies, 
with my three babies, 
doing school.

This year we have chosen to home school Scout.  When I say "we" I don't just mean her dad and I.  She is included in the "we".  Of course I'm not going to turn down the opportunity to spend precious time with my kiddo, but I'm also not going to keep her from public school if she wants to go.

It is going quite well.  She's a smart cookie if I might say so myself.  I do know that she is getting very spoiled this year. Of course it isn't always perfect.  We have a couple of trouble makers here but for the most part they behave and don't keep us from learning.

Reno has come along pretty well.  In the beginning he told me that "cowboys don't do school" and would get boots, hat, leggings on and wait for Riley to rescue him.  

Now he has been telling people that he's in 1st grade.  I have a few things specifically for him.  The other day he was participating in our Compare/Contrast discussion.

Ranger, well he's just a happy to be watching brother and sister. 


Elizabeth M said...

Good for you! With all the crazy things you hear about public school I can def. see the advantages of home school! Hope things keep going well!

Michelle said...

I hadn't seen your blog for ages! FUN to catch up. Especially love this pic of you and your three kiddos. I am happy to hear your home school report. By the end of the year, Reno will probably be telling people he is in 3rd grade! :) Take care!! There are lots of good things going on at your house...keep it up! :)