Friday, November 14, 2014


Surprised ya, didn't I?  ha

I know this post comes as a surprise, but here we are......

the Smith family all new and improved!!

Ranger Lee is not only here, but also half grown. :)

Most of you know all about him and us too.  If you don't, maybe I'll go back and fill ya in.  Maybe I won't.  No promises from this new and still adjusting mother of three!!

Halloween costumes were a breeze this year.  Tradition since Scout's first Halloween has been for me to make the costume. Not just to make the costume, but to make the costume on Halloween Day!  

This year Reno wanted to be a Ninja Turtle, which was plenty easy to find and purchase.  We bought the costume first of the month and he played in it quite a lot.  He was obsessed with swords.  Luckily that only last for a few weeks.  By the time the actual day rolled around he was more into nunchucks.
Scout wanted to be a bride, but couldn't find a bridal costume that suited her.  We looked online, we looked in store........Lord help us when she really is a bride.  She finally settled for this queen outfit.  Of course she wanted me to cut the hoop out and a few other changes that I refused to do.  She was fed up with her costume and was going to just be an S-E cheerleader, but I persuaded her with the promise of fancy hair and make-up.

Ranger was the sheriff, same as Reno was four years ago.  It is the hokiest outfit, but precious on a baby boy.

Halloween Day was pretty busy.  Reno and Ranger had well-checks in Amarillo, both getting shots.  Funny story about Reno, he had been asking all summer long if he was 4?  At Scout's 6 year well-check it was mentioned that you get shots at 4 and then not again until age 11.  Right then he decided that he could hold up on being 4.  Day of he was pretty nervous about getting them.  He did great though.  He watched, like a weirdo, and said "ow, ow, ow" and then that's it.  Super proud of him for being tough!!

We met Bronc and Tucker at the Lazbuddie Football game for Trunk-or-Treat!  We were kind of late and didn't get much candy, but that was actually perfect.  We don't need all that junk anyways.  Little Woody won his division of the costume contest.  He was the cutest, funniest Woody I've ever seen.  It turned cold quickly, so we hurried to Pizza Hut in Muleshoe to finish out the night.

I thought it was a perfect time to take Ranger's belated two month picture.  I can't believe it's already time for me to take his three month pic too!!

He is such a happy 'lil fellar!  He sleeps and eats and that's about it.  He is too good to be true and I wish everyone could have a sweetie like him.  

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Cheyenne said...

He is absolutely darling, Tori! Congratulations! You are such a great mama!

Your kids are just such nice lookin' lil' people. I'm sure it's so fun to spend your days with them (through some grueling moments...I know...!)

Sending much love down south and a proverbial casserole. :) You are great!!