Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Freak Deal

So last Friday the big kids are having breakfast at the school desk and we are right on track for having a great Friday.  I am changing "Baby Love" as I chat with my SIL on the phone.  I pull his little foot out of his footed pajamas and this is what I see.......... a bright red, almost purple toe.

Talk about freak out.......I did!!  

My first thought was that he had been bitten.  I quickly discovered instead that hair was tightly wrapped around two of his toes.

I yanked most of the hair off in my initial panic.  I was able to find some to grab onto from the underside.  Next I had to hold him down screaming, pull the skin away from the line and slide my (not sharp) tweezers across to get whatever was left.  One hair broke when I did that.

Luckily Kaitlyn's mom is a nurse and my friend Jessica's mom is a NP.  After much conversation we decided that I didn't have to go in, but watch it super close.  Capillary refill seemed to be fine so as long as the hair was all gone there wasn't much to be done.

Needless to say we spent most of the day examining his toes and took lots of comparison pics.  I all but flagged people down on HWY 70 to make sure they couldn't see a hair still around his toe.  

It was bright red all day and some of the next.  Now pretty much all you can see is the line or cut.

Talk about mother of the year here.  I've earned that title so many times it's sad.

It's embarrassing, but it happened and luckily we still have all 10 toes.


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