Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Summer Visit in NM!

The kids and I were so lucky to spend almost a week this summer with my parents in New Mexico.

We celebrated Mimi's birthday with their ranch friends.  It was kind of a big birthday.  I seriously hope to look like her at 65!  I'll be proud to tell my age.
 We didn't have much of anything that we had to do.  We played and played for days. 
 You might remember that Scout adores Mimi's dog Sandy.  In the past she found my child harness in the vehicle and used it to lead this poor pooch around.  This time Mimi took Scout into Big R and they picked out a new red leash for Sandy.  Bless her for being such a sport.
Papa brought a few heifers in from the sale.  We processed and Reno's job was to pick up the sale barn tags off the ground.  They made countless trips to the barn.  We made red velvet cake for Mimi's birthday.  The kids enjoyed ice cream with their Papa.
 I love this pic!  Everything about it is perfect to babies, high-water pants, palm leaf hats, the windmill, old red wooden boxcar!
The older cousins went on a train ride with Mimi and Papa from Trinidad to Raton awhile back.  My kiddos were too little so we finally got to take a train ride.
I hadn't been on a train either.  We loved the freedom of moving around the cars. It would be a fun way to take a medium length trip with a large group.  Our problem is the large group getting to one spot to take a trip together.  It's usually a meet up kind of deal for us.  

We shopped a few places downtown Raton as we waited for the train.  The kids had fun just playing as we waited for the train.
We also swam at the aquatic center in Raton.  It was pretty crowded and a little cold, but a very fun place.  Maybe we can rent it over Christmas break since it's indoor.

 Let's see next year they can probably do Mimi's Summer Camp without me.  (Except for I love going too!!!)


Rachel said...

Looks like lots of fun was had. :) Those two are beyond cute!

Rain Barnes said...

Looks like fun. I adore Mimi's kitchen. What a pretty place. I WANT TO DO THE TRAIN RIDE!!!

Valerie said...

FUN!! What a nice vacay!