Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mutton Bustin

 Last spring during the Grab the Gold Ranch Rodeo, my little darling participated in the mutton bustin.  She did a fine job.  I'm super proud.  

Let me start by saying that Scout Preston Smith is one of the toughest kids I know.  Honestly, she has always been full speed, wild woman and doesn't really get hurt.  I know the day is coming, but....

Of course she can whine and act like such a baby just like any other 5 year old girl, but when it comes right down to the real stuff she is tough.

Excuse my embarrassing!! 

You can't really tell in the video, but my tough Scoutie was not so happy about riding.  Ok, so I'll confess, my friend Rain had entered her kids and so I entered Scout, then talked her into it.

She was actually crying to start with and didn't want to ride at all.  Riley looked at me and I said to turned her out.  You may not agree (which is fine), but I just don't think you can let kids chicken out on things that require a little bit of grit.  You'll see, she was happy and smiling by the time the ride was over.

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