Friday, September 20, 2013

1st Annual Sandhill Invitational Team Roping!

Our fourth of July was very laid back this year!  Thankfully we received a good rain the night before and the 1st Annual Sandhill Invitational got moved to the round pen.  Team roping in the round pen isn't ideal, but it was a little western.  It was packed with lots of fun and a few wrecks.

I'm usually the first person to freak out, but I do have a little experience with a person losing digits.  Riley lost his thumb the year before we were married and even though I wasn't there when it happened I was at the hospital with him before his surgery.  When our good friend Coby caught his fingers in his dally, I offered to take him to the emergency room. I'm almost certain that my wild driving kept his mind off of his fingers.

My Scoutie fearlessly sang the National Anthem to start the roping.  You can watch the video at the end of this post.

 I love these pics Rain shot of the kiddos playing in the commodity barn.  

After the roping we headed home for lunch and some tasty shortcake and fruit thanks to Rain.  Our cute little table is a combo of her cooking and craftiness and my junk on hand.  

Tell me we aren't going to have trouble keeping the boys away from these two!

Springlake....yes people Springlake, Texas has a pretty awesome celebration for a tiny town (population 200).  We enjoyed the parade, music, food, and fireworks.  

Here you can watch Scout singing the National Anthem at the feedyard.  She had no problem standing up on the bumper of a pickup, leaning over the fence, and belting it out in front of the cowboys.  I wish I had her courage.  She is something else!


Kaitlyn said...

hahahahaha oh my goodness! Go Scoutie go!! Love it!

Rachel said...

Haha she did awesome! Way to go, Scout!

Valerie said...


Jennifer said...

Looks fun!! I wish I could hear her singing, my speakers aren't working. :( But way to go!!!

Rain Barnes said...

Aww! This was so fun! You guys hosted all FIVE of us and lived to blog about it! Hostess of the century for sure! What a fun time we had!!!