Sunday, June 9, 2013


T-ball Rangers that is!  

Scout was finally old enough to play this year.  We almost didn't play because we had to miss a few games, but boy am I glad that we did!  She had a blast.

Riley and I tend to be sort of hard on her.  It must be our competitive spirit coming out.  It's amazing how fast she runs through the house and how slowly she runs to first base.  She really did great though.  We are super proud!

These pics are from the first game!  

When Aunt Kaitlyn asked Scout what her favorite part of playing t-ball was she replied, "the base house".  What is not to love about the dugout?

 Saylor and Reno didn't care too much for the action.  They were more interested in playing in the dugout and eating goldfish.

Reno loves to play "baseball cractice".  He is always wearing Scout's cap around and playing with her glove.  He also loves to play "basketball game".  

I'm not sure, but I think we may have a couple of little athletes on our hands.

P.S.  God Bless those t-ball coaches!


Ashley Bergen said...

Looks like she's having fun.

Emily said...

I know...I'm already preaching to myself that when the kids start sports I can't let myself be "that mom!"

Rachel said...

Super stinkin' fun! Good job, Scout!