Friday, March 15, 2013

Reno - 2 year old pics

 ***Note......If you can't stand gushy, proud Mama talk then you probably shouldn't read this post.  

I don't have words to explain how I feel about this boy!   These pics absolutely capture his personality and of course his cuteness.  

It's quite lovely that my SIL is a professional photographer.  Reno's birthday is in October and she and I have been trying to get his 2 year old pics since then.  It just hasn't worked out.  This past trip we made it work.

So we are at the San Antonio Zoo and the kids were dying to see animals so we didn't get his pics before we went in.  A little more than halfway through the zoo I look at Reno, then at Kaitlyn.  We knew he wasn't going to be up for pictures when we left.  

 So we improvised by plopping him up on the gorgeous landscaping right between the zebra and rhinoceros exhibits.  He was tired but he finally decided to smile a little.

 Shall I mention that I also forgot his hat or even a cap.  Luckily his Dad had thrown in a cap and we made it work.  Riley likes more of a cowboy look, but I'm all good with team roper or calf roper style.  

Oh and his Dad carries a rope in the car so when we stop for gas he can swing it a few times.  He loves it that much people!  So that's why we had a rope with us.

I love his concentration in these pics!

 See that smile!  That's what makes my world go round.  Well, it's one of three smiles that make my world go round.

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Emily said...

Completely cute! And I love your "proud mama" disclosure at the beginning. Brag away mama, he's a cutie!

Rachel said...

He looks so grown up, I love these!!
What a good lookin' guy!!

Amanda Haney said...

So precious!!!