Friday, March 8, 2013

LAZ Livestock Show 2013

Each year around this time (or maybe I should say around the first of the year) my niece and nephew show their fine swine in the county and local show.  

My kids love watching.  Who doesn't love smelly, squealing pigs?  I was a hog showman as was the dad.  We are hoping that our kiddos will want to as well.  I'd say they are well on their way.

 I'm not really sure Autumn's heart is in showing a pig.  Her heart is more into showing her beloved...aka Hoorey!  Oh well, she looks cute that's for certain.

At the end of the show they have a Pee Wee exhibition.  Reno showed Trail's hog and Scout was planning to show Autumn's but they couldn't get him back in the ring.  So, both children ended up showing one hog.  Scout was actually concentrating on the hog and Reno liked the show stick better.  He whacked his hog, the ground, other hogs in the ring, and possibly people passing by.

 The judge was a recent graduate of Lazbuddie high and he so kindly spent a little time chatting with the kiddos.  I'm a big fan of these types of situations.  I feel like it gives kids a great memory, confidence, and boosts their interest.  We're all about boosting agriculture, anywhere, anytime!!

Up close and personal here with Mr. Trail.  He did a fine job and I believe won Reserve Breed Champion at the county show.  

The following comment may be offense to some.  If so....."sorry 'bout ya".  It's how we roll, it's a fact of life.  Do you like bacon?  Just askin'!!

As we are getting ready to head out Scout says, "So, are we going to Hope's to eat pig or what?".  I love this.  It actually makes me proud.

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Erin Mullins said...

That's awesome and adorable! I have shown pigs for the past 4 years and have loved it! I started out showing goats and then switched to pigs. I love seeing the younger kids and pee wees showing because it means there is a great future of livestock showman coming up. Thank you for sharing the pics!