Saturday, March 9, 2013

Feedyard Rats

There are lake rats, gym rats......we are just feedyard rats.     These kids don't have much of a chance.  As a family we accomplish lots of things at the feedyard.  Riley ropes or rides horses, the kids play in the sand or ride or help feed cattle, and I am a spectator or sometimes I squeeze in a run.

This is going to be the first summer that both kids will be big enough to be content playing and not need to be held, etc. 

I should also clarify "feedyard".  We really only hold about 4,000 head and don't feed cattle out.  It's still a feedyard to us.

 Reno has since gotten a hair cut.  I like it both ways, long and short.  The problem is that he just doesn't like haircuts a bit.  

Scout.....well, Scout is into dressing herself.  It almost always includes a long sleeve shirt and leggings.  The leggings thing is that she must have tight pants (like jockeys or jumpers).  This means that she never, seriously never matches.  I never understood parents that let their kids dress themselves.  Ok, so maybe I shouldn't have been so hard on those people.

Now the story is that she wants to be a jumper.  I don't think she has dropped the jockey thing all together, just not quite as high on it as she was.


Michelle said...

Always makes us smile to check in on you guys...

Have to tell you that your comment on my blog has made me laugh over and over and over....though it was probably a long time before you could laugh about it. Can you yet? :) Next year I bet he doesn't miss your birthday. :)

Come visit K&J and we'll get together! :)

Michelle and All

Rachel said...

It's good to have them out and about, so good that they want to be there, too!!
Sweet kiddos!!