Monday, November 5, 2012

Picking Carrots

The only thing still growing in the garden is carrots. I didn't thin them like you are supposed to, so they are just solid. It makes it hard to pull them, we'll that and the ground is hard.

Yesterday I flooded the area so we could pull them. The kids were helping so good at first. They both got distracted and went on about their business doing something else (mostly feeding Rose carrots). I hadn't gotten a picture, so I made them come back just so I could get some.

This is what followed. Mud!!! These two squirts were covered in mud. At least it wasn't too cold and we could hose them down.

Oh well, it makes for a fun time-change kind of early-to-bed Saturday night.

Oh and if you need carrots come on by!


Jennifer said...

I have never had fresh carrots! I bet the are good!
Those lil' muddy kids are awful cute!

Kaitlyn said...

LOL love their faces! Fun stuff, mama.

Rain Barnes said...

It always amazes me how long and how much fun can be had with a hose and dirt. It's actually one of their very favorite things to do. Although, I feel like I'm lacking, not once have they gotten carrots as a snack in the end. I'm going to have to step it up. LOL

Rachel said...

Ah, I missed this one!?
I've tried carrots, but had no luck, I'll keep on a tryin' tho! Way to go, girl!

Those kids playing in the mud are too cute! :) It is amazing how much fun dirt and a water hose can be!