Thursday, October 25, 2012

Five Days of.......

team roping in OKC. We are having a great week. Great doesn't always have to include winning. We've had some good eats, horse racing, shopping, pedicares (According to Scout), and watching our favorite guys rope. It hasn't been bad, just no short round appearances just yet. I'm feeling good about tomorrow though.

Yesterday evening we ate at the Cheesecake Factory where we completely stuffed ourselves with everything from fettuccini Alfredo to corn fritters. I was the winner and completely finished my piece of vanilla bean cheesecake. Does that really make me a winner? Lol

We then made our way on out to Remington park to watch a few races. Honest to goodness our little family has never been to any kind of race. We only watched two, but it was fun all saying who we thought would win. We couldn't bet because we'd already done all of our betting at the team roping (joke).

We have spent lots of time on the little Case tractors at the coliseums since Reno is obsessed with any kind of tractor. There have been kids to play with, kids we didn't know before but now we do. These guys pictured are from Alabama.

Oh and the weather played a trick on us. I thought it was going to be at least 85 all but one day. Wrong!! Thank goodness for outlet malls.

I'll keep you posted if something fabulous happens tomorrow!!


Kaitlyn said...

Love Scoutie's horseshoe dress! And how cute are the little kid pedicAre chairs?! :) Never seen those before!

Rachel said...

Love all the pictures, and yes, Scouts dress is cute!!
Fun, fun!!

Cheyenne said...

Oh my goodness-your kids are just too cute! Seriously! It sounds like something that would chalk up with most memorable week of my life. I'm almost jealous of how much fun it sounds....ahhh...

And that cutie pie dress your lil' girl has on is AWESOME! where did you find it?

Jennifer said...

Love Scout's dress!
Hope today went well!!