Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hump Day Dump Day

I haven't done this is so long it's probably gonna get a little bit wild.

#1 - I've started a little business. Rodan & Fields is dermatological skincare. It has really shined me up and faded sun spots. It's nothing too complicated, just good stuff. .
#2 - I bought my very first LeCreuset in OKC. Shall we say I'm in love? This baby will earn its keep this winter (and all the rest of the time).

#3 - The Turquoise is the name of a book I found at an estate sale. How cool! It's a book about my decor, for my decor. Sorry, I know it doesn't take much for me. Lol  Speaking of turquoise....I have a new little corner cabinet (found at Petticoats on the Prairie) that is now turquoise. Mostly I wanted the share my favorite turquoise color so far. It is Benjamin Moore - soft spruce.
#4 - At our family reunion Scout and I were the proud bidders and winners of matching aprons. They are absolutely stylin'. Cousin Mirt whipped those out. Brother also had to try one on.
#5 - The kids have this funny little thing they've started when they get out of the bath. They lay down all scrunched up on the rug and I cover them with a towel. Actually I think it's some kind if plan to keep from getting lotion and their jammies on.
#6 - Gypsy! Scout is my little gypsy. She is constantly packing a bag and dressing up crazy. Not sure where she learned it. I finally had to put the big dress up box away.
#7 - Halloween was sort of a fail. Brother didn't feel good at all. He got a pretty yucky cough and runny nose. I made costumes day of, as is tradition. Scout was a chicken, Reno was the egg. The egg just didn't feel up to it and wouldn't let us dress him. His egg obsession is a separate post. I ran Scout down to the fall festival where the kids played games, etc. Trail brought us a few decorated brownies. YUM!
#8 - Trail Mr. Trail and Reno have become pretty big buds. Well, I'm not sure if he loves him as much as he does Autumn aka Awn-Na. That is true love right there.

#9 - Football!  We made it to see one of Pake's football games.  He did great.  I even got an action shot with my phone camera.  (Who am I kidding, these are all phone pics.)  You can see him (#18 white) going in for the tackle.  Can't believe he is already in the 8th grade.
#10 - My sweet babies!!  This is one from awhile back, but for sure is one of my favorites.  I love these toots!
#11 - The saddle is a Tad Sanders ( find him on Facebook). It is one of Riley's top hand saddles that he will receive at the finals. I love what Tad said in the caption.  Speaking of the finals....we leave tomorrow, I'd better get packing.


Cheyenne said...

Lady, first and foremost, your kids are so cute. I think your daughter looks like you so much!

I put a pic a bit ago on my blog of my daughter and I in matchy matchy aprons. I think it's hilarious how our's are reminiscent of the 1950's while yours are SHAZAM! Beyond awesome!

Yay for your Le Creuset pot is in my dreams...I tell you!

Have so much fun this weekend!

Jennifer said...

See ya this weekend!!!
(Oh, and i'm coveting your new pot! I have tried winning one on so many different giveaways... ohwell, one of these days!)

Rachel said...

Hoping and praying to make it to the finals and see ya this weekend! :)