Monday, January 9, 2012

Wood-Townsend-Smith-Adams 2011

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Merry Wood-Townsend-Smith-Adams Christmas 2011!! I intended to head for NM on Tuesday, December 20, weather permitting. Guess what, weather was not permitting. lol The problem wasn't here, it was there.

The road that we might have traveled between Clayton and Springer was closed for I think three days. You know, it's where the couple and their five year old daughter were stranded for two days. They say their vehicle was completely consumed in a drift and the snow plows crashed into it when they were looking for them. Nuts...and not for me!!
This is Riley all bundled up riding pens right before we left. A storm hit down here about the time we were heading up there.

So, I waltz into their cozy casa and what do I see? None other than this turquoise beauty. Seriously I love it so much. Cool find Jane! Pinterest worthy for sure, I posted it myself.
Mimi and Scout made sugar cookies. Let me just say they were delish. We all had a hand in it actually. The recipe makes a gazillion and Pat and I were tired of working on them too. I would never tire of eating them though, especially not with that cream cheese icing.
KD and Tandy arrived on Saturday and cooked this beautiful prime rib. I'm not one to call much of anything beautiful, except for my children, a "beautiful" piece of junk, or delicious food. Let me tell you PW prime rib and whiskey cream sauce is BEAUTIFUL.
Cousin Miley is super cute and sweet as pie. She of course was decked out in her Christmas sweater and Scout absolutely adores her.
Pakers and Scout looking at family photo albums. Pretty special family time, wouldn't you agree?
The Riley Smith Family
Christmas Day 2011
Reno sporting his Carhatt overalls that Sarah loaned us. How'd she know we'd need them there? lol
Scout and Riley ready to go outdoors. It really wasn't bad and not even much snow left. It's always fun to bundle up though, right?
Reno sat on his little camo four wheeler acting like an angel. When we gave the kids the OK to open gifts, it caused such a commotion and scared him to death. Poor guy!!
The Camo Kids
Yes, Scout is wearing her princess dress and heels with the camo shirt. Tandy is the only one that could convince her to even put the shirt on for a few minutes. Now she loves it and I think all the camo is just precious. Maybe next year we should do it for the adults.

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