Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Smith Christmas

The Smith family gathering actually took place over New Years. Brook, Kait, & Saylor, Gigi & Papaw, and Wayne & Cathy all arrived on Thursday evening the 28th. We had finger food (remind me to tell you about a dip I learned from Tandy) and opened gifts. It was presents galore. I regret to inform you that I'm not exaggerating. We sort of went overboard this year.

I just realized that I don't have pics of the goodies. The gifts that I received are so awesome that if I care about you folks at all I'll go back and share. You will need them in your business. I must also brag on hubby. He did great, with the help of his mom of course. I had been saying that I want sports bras. Sort of a funny request I know but I was down to one and washing it everyday to support my early morning treadmill habit was getting to be a pain.

Now let me share some about the real fun. Just hanging out with the fam we never get to see. Saylor Quinn is growing like a bad weed. I'm afraid she'll be walking before I see her again. The pics aren't in any particular order. Prepare yourself....there are lots of them.

Saylor & Scout in matching outfits!!
I love how Saylor is looking up at Scout and holding her arm. Precious!!

The Smith Girls

Ham Bone! I'm all about the nicknames as long as they aren't sweetie or honey or love! Reno is such a "ham" so somehow it turned into "Ham Bone". Scout is "plum" which is kind of gushy.

These two are finally getting along. For awhile Saylor would scream if Reno even looked at her. They are good now. I wonder who is slobbering more on who?

I put Saylor to sleep. If you know sweet Saylor, she isn't much on sleep. This was Sunday afternoon and I'm pretty sure she was pooped out.

We stopped by Bonnie Concho and this is what Saylor loved. No kidding she would just smile at herself in the mirror when we put the different headbands on her.

Saylor just checking me out when they first arrived.

Saylor and Uncle Riley reading books.

Saylor and Auntie T having tummy time.

No wonder I'm not in great shape, it's because I have so much help. Try plank with a 39 pounder on your back.

Scout and Aunt Kait stretching.

Down Dog!

Mama and Scout reading!

Aunt Kait bought Scout this salon set. It has little foils, the brush you paint the color with, and little hair clips. Don't forget the dryer that also makes sound. I'm pretty sure everyone got their hair "did. lol

Scout "soffing" Saylor's arm while they watch a cartoon.

Scout and Uncle Bow Bow (get it.....? He is a major bow hunter.) working on the flashlight that she got in her stocking. It no longer works but I don't think she cares. It is fun to work on it.

We wish San Antonio was closer.......

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