Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Here she is folks.........The newest member of our family. She is a twenty year old pony. We were fortunate enough to borrow her from a good friend. She will hopefully be a Smith for the rest of her days. Isn't she the cutest, tiniest, hairiest thing you've ever seen.

Headed home with us!! Scout was so excited and still is actually. This also gives you an idea of how short she is.

Reno especially loves Rose.

It is the coolest thing for Scout to be able to brush and love on her. We tend to forget the horses are too big for our little ones to really bond with.

P.S. Seriously people! I can obviously use a little help on the spelling and grammar on this blog. This morning I pull it up and see the post about Howdy Doody. Well, instead it says "Hoody" Doody. In my defense, Hoody or Howdy whichever you want to call him was probably pulling at my leg. So, please comment and correct me. You aren't going to hurt my feelings.

Scoutie and Howdy go together pretty well. lol


Kait said...

LOL I usually notice spelling stuff and I DID NOT see that one - seriously! I guess I just knew what it was supposed to say so I read it correctly. Oh well - Hoody Doody's to blame anyway. :)

Jennifer said...

OMG! She is adorable! I want one so bad.. I haven't been able to convince the hubby though. My mom has a mini burro, but I'd rather have a pony. ;) I think it would be so much fun for the kids.