Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We interrupt

our regularly scheduled posts to bring you......Pumpkin Patch!  Oh wait, there are no regularly scheduled posts, there are hardly any posts at all.

My excuse this time around is that my computer was so full that I couldn't even move the pics off my camera onto the computer.  I have since gotten an external hard drive and moved pics.  Keep your fingers crossed that this silly laptop  lasts a little longer.  It is 7+ years old.  

So back in October our little family met Jessica, my high school classmate and wonderful friend, at the pumpkin patch between Floydada and Ralls.  Her Jaxon and Jenny are precious kiddos and we were sad that Justin couldn't make it.  The pumpkin patch was fairly small, but a fun place.  There were lots of picture opportunities and best of all ANIMALS.  I was afraid Scout would smell like a billy goat at our chiropractor appointment.  They had a great time feeding the sheep, goats, and miniature horses. 

 I promise you'll see Thanksgiving pics before Christmas!