Friday, December 14, 2012

Home Comfort

Thanksgiving,'s almost Christmas and I'm just now getting around to Thanksgiving.  This year we are switching up the routine.  Thanksgiving and New Year's with my family and Christmas with Riley's family.

Thanksgiving in New Mexico was lovely.  We had Mimi and Papa all to ourselves and enjoyed every second.  The girls had a little sleepover in the living room on the army cots.  Scout insisted on wearing Mimi's housecoat thing everywhere.  

We mostly wore pajamas and cooked and ate and cooked and ate.....all while wearing our pajamas.  ha

I was the pie girl and I do have to say the turned out well, even if it was my doing.  I combined the recipe from the pumpkin can and one that called for Eagle Brand milk.  It turned out nicely and I've posted it here.  This is just traditional pumpkin pie, but better than I remember pumpkin pie being.  Buttermilk and chocolate were delicious as usual.  That's a no-brainer!

 I love how my Mom and I are so alike.  Here she is calf-roping my children, which is something I would totally do.  Hilarious!!  They loved it too.

Home Comfort, well that means a couple of things here.  We cooked breakfast on the old Home Comfort wood burning stove that Friday morning.  It turned out yummy as it always does.  Mimi prepared it, Papa cooked it and I mostly just backed up to it for warmth.

Home Comfort is also that warm, fuzzy feeling we get when we get to spend time with those we love.  Home to me is just where my family is, not necessarily the house I grew up in.

 Here's to Home Comfort to you all this Holiday Season!!


Rain Barnes said...

Love the wood burning stove! I was raised cooking on one and didn't realize until 8th grade Home Ec. that you could choose the temp. on a dail for a stove. LOL Miss it and know I will have one in a mudroom or on a front porch someday! How fun!
We love buttermilk pie too but nobody in either side of our family has ever had it or uses it in there dessert rotation???? Freaks I tell you, it's so yummy!!!
Merry Christmas to your bunch!

Rachel said...

Love it!! We have a wood burning stove, and one of these days I want it in complete working condition, it much bigger than that one though. They are just WAY too neat!
Love that the day was spent in y'alls PJ's, true comfort! ;)
Merry Christmas, to y'all!! :)

Jennifer said...

Love that stove, so cool!
And the first one I saw, with the pink Barbie car on it... we have one just like it now!

james gardez said...

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