Monday, November 14, 2011

WCRR 2011

We've been at the WRCA Finals in Amarillo all weekend. Lots of cool things happened.

1. We got to see Saylor Quinn for the first time.

She is precious!! Absolutely, positively, 100% precious. She is very much a Smith baby just like Scout and Reno. You can tell that she's going to be a hoot.

Little Miss Attitude!! Shortly after we snapped the photo above she got angry at Reno for touching her arm, well and maybe for digging in her belly button a little. lol

2. Summer designed Sandhill shirts for us to look "cute" in.

Summer, Mimi, & Kelsey

3. The Jumpin Jackrabbits kicked some tail. They placed 2nd in Pokey's Jr Ranch Rodeo.

Hunter, Coach Tandy, Pake, Matthew, & Bray

4. We got to see lots of family and friends. Thanks especially to Chris & Mary Beth and Kenneth & LaRue for being such supporters. Ya'll are much appreciated.

Like Mimi, Like Scout (don't you think?)

5. Sandhill didn't do soo hot in the rodeo, but Trail showed for his first time and Autumn and Tripp usual. Trail was so level headed and did super for his first time.

6. Kaitlyn got me all hooked up with Instagram. Yep, I'm in love now!! Instagram is a photo program that you can do super cool editing and sharing. I think I love it as much as Pinterest.

7. Did I say anything about pretty?

These two had every single cowboy within a 2,000 mile radius drooling this weekend. lol

8. My friend Jennifer didn't get to come. Darn it, I was looking forward to meeting her.

9. Oh, check out Tandy's and Summer's blogs for some other cool pics, etc.



Rachel said...

We enjoyed our time there, and the boys absolutely loved the monkey!
We watch the sr. cowhorse, and I do beleive Autumn was in it? We saw her do her run, she did good! Our neice, whom was with us, knew a few of the guys in it.
Too bad I never ran into you!

Kait said...

Can't wait to see y'all again soon!!

Jennifer said...

Fun times!!! Love ya'lls shirts!