Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Normal Day for Us.....

Quick despcrition of a normal day for us since I accidentally captured it (with my phone camera, of course).

Prissy Lady, wearing a pj top of mine that she robbed out of my closet, in her bathroom "doing her hair".

Hmm.....what could have happened? There are hair clips all over the counter and the floor. The drawer it all came out of is chunked in the sink.

Oh and shall I even try to explain the nastiness on the counter? Being the good, patient mother that I am, I allowed her to assist me in dipping strawberries. She was promptly sent to wash her hands. Should I have helped her since she is only three and had it smeared half-way up her arms? Probably so. Did I? No, because.....

I was probably chasing after the little stink that made the other mess.

Have a beautiful, brown, blowing-corn-stalk kind of Saturday!!


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