Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We had a great holiday. Not so eventful, but sometimes that is even better. Our guests were Aunt Pat and Keith & Linda. I made turkey, dressing, etc. since it is Riley's favorite meal in the world, except for maybe chili or super-nachos. (lol) He loves it so much he is even willing to help out a little in the kitchen. I busted him helping tear up bread for dressing.

I love it!! I captured exactly what they were thinking.
Riley: "@!#(^/?...now everyone is going to see this on the blog!!"

Scout: "mmm...yummy...love me some white bread"

Thankful for these sweet babies. Thankful that they are healthy, happy, and beautiful (if I might say so myself).

These pics are from the night before. When you're slaving in the kitchen there just isn't time to be the photographer too. I did tell Riley that if he wants that meal very often he is going to have to get me a bigger kitchen. Not sure, but it just might be worth it to him.

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