Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reno - 1 month

Our little man is already a month old. It's hard to believe how much he has grown since the last pictures I posted of him. I was worried at our 2 week check-up because I was having to wake him up to eat and he wasn't chowing like Scout did.
2 wk stats:
7 lb 12 oz and 21 inches

So I'm thinking that it is quite possible that he was longer than 19.5 inches at birth. He likes to eat more and more each day, so there is no telling what he will weigh at the 6 week check-up.

Reno passed Raggedy Andy in a hurry!!

Handsome smile!!

Reno you are awake more and more each day. You are such a good baby, hardly ever even making a sound. It seems to be too much work to cry or sometimes even to open your eyes. I can't describe you as a "happy baby" just yet. When you are awake you tend to frown alot, which is pretty funny. You are starting to act like you have something to say, so I'll bet you'll be smiling at us pretty soon.

You have already been to some pretty loud events such as a football game, Summer and Autumn's basketball games, and the ranch rodeo. The loud noise doesn't bother you at all. I suppose you are so used to hearing your sister. Instead, when it is quiet and there is a little click you startle.

Speaking of your sister....Scout absolutely loves you and really hasn't been too jealous. She is such a Daddy's Girl which has probably helped with that. Of course she is a little rough, but that's just her. You'll understand more about that later on. She has only picked you up once. Daddy and I were sitting right there and should've realized it, but she didn't hurt you too bad because you never let out a peep.

We love you Mr. Reno!! Happy 1 Month Birthday!!

Just for fun......this is Scout at 5 weeks.

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