Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm not really sure where Scout even got the rusty bolt, but she's sure giving this pickup a working over. I teased Riley that she already knows as much mechanicing as he does.

If the mechanic thing doesn't work out she may have a future as a clothing designer. My personal favorite is the layers of mamas's underclothing. She has a real thing for shoes, hats, and purses.

Riley sometimes has chocolate milk before bed. Last night Scout finally decided it wasn't so bad after all. Course I think it's nasty......he doesn't put enough chocolate in to even change the color at all and well you can guess what it does to the already gross taste of milk. Yuck!! You've got to put some chocolate in there.

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*ajt* said...

Our girls are definatly two peas in a pod!!! Ty went shopping the other day with the lady who watches her and her twenty year old daughter. The lady said she picked out the biggest purse in Buckle and was like OH WOW... its a blast!!