Friday, November 20, 2009

WRCA......World Championship Ranch Rodeo

We look forward to it all year, then we are so exhausted and happy to be home. You have to win a sanctioned WRCA rodeo in order to qualify for the Finals in Amarillo. It is pretty much like the NFR except for ranch rodeo. This year there were 24 teams and it was super tough. Like the heck with just having an OK rodeo and not getting any no times. I'm talking you better just set out to win the event both rounds so that you can also pick up average points. Needless to say....we did not win the rodeo. Our bunch did pick up a few prizes. I'll get to that in a minute.

Hunter, Tate, Pake, and Brendon

Tandy's bunch who also participated in Pokey's Junior Ranch Rodeo. Pretty fun watchin'.

These funny green glasses were just one of Hope's tricks to help keep Scout entertained.

Scout was really happy.......if we let her climb up and down the steps like she wanted to. Little monkey is too smart......everytime Sandhill went in and I stood up to video she would take off up the stairs. She so knows when you aren't watching her that close.

Please Mimi.......can I have your pen? can't have it back now!

Scout, Riley, and I at the awards ceremony.

So....about the awards. Riley was named Top Hand of the whole rodeo. Kind of weird since we didn't win the rodeo, right? Well it is judged by doing lots of roping and no missing and riding the broncs. On most teams the guy who rides the bronc doesn't get to do much roping. So that doesn't leave that many people to choose from. Riley didn't miss a single loop and covered both broncs. It probably won't happen again (cuz hopefully he won't be riding any more broncs), so we're gonna enjoy it now.

Tripp, Summer, Autumn, and Riley all competed in the ranch horse contest. Riley won the Ranch Hand class and Tripp won the Senior Class. On Sunday after the final rodeo performance they had a work-off to name an overall ranch horse winner. Tripp beat Riley and everyone else pretty bad. The girls showed in the junior class where Autumn won second and Summer got about fifth I think. It was really tough and all depends on the cow you get, etc.

Here are some videos from the rodeo.

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