Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cowwwgirl, Baby!!

Would you say she looks like her dad?

Rodeo in Roaring Springs last night. The team did well, but it is a two night rodeo and we won't know how we did until about 10 tonight. Here are a few videos to enjoy, except my videoing is soooo bad. Sorry I get excited and just can't help it. I was also having to stick my arms and camera through the fence at about 2 and 1/2 feet off the ground.

Super weird, but this crazy kid loves to pick her toes. Not sure who she inherited that from....better not tell, huh!!

What she is saying is "bite". Bite means food or drink. Lately she's been saying it if she spots a bite, doesn't necessarily mean she wants it. Can you imagine how fried my brain is after hearing this high-pitch request one thousand times a day?


Kait said...

Love the cowboy hat on her - and the dirt all over her shirt! :) Sooo cute!

Yay for another update! Keep it up woman!

Tori said...

Girl if you think that was should see when she really has dirt on her shirt.