Monday, November 3, 2008

Scout & Rylan

We were so excited to see Rylan Randall Smith yesterday. Rylan is Scout's cousin....for those who do not know......Riley's double cousin Grant (brothers married sisters) married my BFF Larkin. Confused yet?

We got a call about 9:15 yesterday morning that Riley's Grandpa Wayne (Smith) had a heart-attack. We headed straight for Amarillo. Grandpa Wayne seems to be doing well. I know it was questionable for awhile though. I haven't heard anything this morning, so things must be alright. It was unfortunate to meet in that situation, but we hadn't seen Rylan since July. Boy do these little ladies change in a hurry.

Scout only tried to eat Rylan once.....hilarious!! I can't wait until they're just a little bigger.

Scout & Gramps

Grams holding Scout, Gramps, & Uncle Edwin

Silly Uncle Edwin giving Scout bunny ears!!

Babies & Mommas


Tandy Adams said...

How cute are they! I love all your videos!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment! Scout is a doll too! Tyleigh's outfit: there is a lady here that does awesome tie dye and her pants I got at walmart :) As far as the headbands go...there is hardly a day that Ty doesn't go with out a hat or a bow :) Maybe we will catch each other in NM sometime!!

Kait said...

LOVE the new blog look!

Tandy Adams said...

Love your new blog background! It's snazzy!