Thursday, August 11, 2016

July 2016 (some of it)

 Silly boys.  Ranger thinks he is just as big as Scout and Reno.  He kind of is. No being a baby for that little guy!

 Rodeo Candy = green tongue

 Ranger's new pal Ivey B.  

Sadly this is the only pic I took at swimming lessons.  Scout kept up with the big girls again this year.  Reno decided that he did love the water after all and would start swimming.  Ranger decided that he doesn't need help from anyone.  He fell in the pool at least twice a day.  He holds his breath so unfortunately he doesn't have a bit of fear.  Mama does though!

Ranger decided that he was going to wear Reno's boots.  Then he decided that one's boots must have spurs.  He's proud of himself anyway.

 Frosty.......well that's actually a post in itself.  I will have to back track and share his story sometime.  He is this little girl's world.  Fourth of July she dolled him up and rode in the parade.  We were unsure of how he would act so Trail walked along with her.  Next year he'll just have to ride too.

 We catch live rabbits!

 We shoot rabbits!

 We throw our hat on sideways and take on the world!

Scout fought hard to win the flag race buckle at Lazbuddie Lasso Days! She and Beech Nut (Dad's head/calf horse) came a long ways this year.  She did great learning to ride him.

 Reno and that trusty, Tug Boat sailed to winning pretty much everything.  He received the buckle for Barrels and The All Around.  He accumulated more points that any other kiddo at the play days.  We get in the car to leave that evening and he says, "Mama, what's all around?".  He'e happy either way.

We were also pretty social at the play days.  Kids and parents.  There has to be something bright to come out of sitting in the heat, wind, dirt, and late evenings.

 All dressed up the next morning to show of those buckles.

 Haircut #1 - no problem
Haircut #2 - screaming fit in front of a packed barber shop

We can't have him looking like a girl, so Riley managed to get it taken care of.  He didn't care for being blown off with the air compressor, so not sure how haircut #3 will go.

 We are starting to get a few brown eggs from the first 4 little red hens we bought back in March.  That whole, having nasty little chickens in a swimming pool in the garage is finally paying off.

 Don't get me wrong, I love a successful, bountiful garden, but it's really giving me a run for my money.  My kitchen counters are continuously covered up and I'm calling friends to take some. We also preserve.  Thank heavens the kids can run the Food Saver.   

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