Friday, July 29, 2016

Little Entrepreneurs

Scout is always dreaming up something she can make and sell.  Her first choice is to be a fine artist and she regularly finds pieces of wood and paints them up.  I always tell her to make something that people really need or can use up.  

She always begs to do a lemonade stand.  If you are like me, the whole idea is just kind of ehh....... So for some odd reason, must of been feeling pretty laid back, I let her and Carly attempt the lemonade thing.

These four whipped up homemade cookies for their lemonade stand.  Of course, I am the one that stayed in the kitchen baking them.  Oh well, they did put lots of work into their stand.  

Ranger is shall we say, a hands-on kind of guy!  It's mostly a full-time job keeping his hands out of everything.
 The sweetest thing.......the girls get all set up and wait for their first customer.  Not long until this work pick-up goes by.  I see him go on past, but then turn around and come back.   Tyler Bridges was their first customer.
They made $9 each for just a couple of hours.  It helps greatly when your Dad and Grandpa stop by.  

Um, I guess this is considered a perk of living in a tiny town and right on the highway!

I say next year we increase a garden a bit and sell produce!

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