Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Life Happens!

So it dawned on me just this morning that I feel like Facebook has replaced the blog for me and I'm not sure I want that to happen.  As I sit here begging children to do schoolwork I thought I'd give it a go.......for today!

A friend took this pic!  It's my guy watching our girl play softball.  Even though I know nothing about it, I am really starting to love it.  

This guy, well he's something else.  To be completely honest, he's trouble.  End of story.  But he can also be lovable and sweet.  He is his mom and sister made over.  The hashtag #rangerissochill is gone, most likely never to return.  Ha!


Reno Man!!  Well first of all he's obsessed with turkeys.  Wild Turkeys.  He wants to hunt them.  So he's also obsessed with hunting.  Any kind of hunting.  He started out with a bb gun and quickly talked his Dad into using a .22!  He wants to play a hunting game on my phone 24/7.  He probably hunts in his dreams.  In pics, he is the one that will be making a goofy face.  Always!  He also has lots of girlie influence.  I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

Our girl Scout is a great friend and helper.  It's like having another little mama around here, which is wonderful.  She loves her cousins and she loves being wild and crazy too!  She is becoming quite the little athlete.  We've already played our second year of basketball and softball.

These kids are a load of fun.  I will say I'm pretty tired out at the end of every day, but I love  every minute of it!

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Jennifer said...

I've been thinking trying to get back into blogging too.. I miss the old, blogging days!