Monday, March 26, 2012

Merry Monday!

I LOVE, LOVE, these guys!

 Ya'll didn't know we are farmers, did ya? We aren't really.  A fire went through the edge of our CRP field last year and road graders made huge ditches trying to put it out.  Now Riley is trying to smooth it up since we will be grazing it starting in July.  Also, since it isn't re-enrolled in CRP we will be building some sort of semi-permanent fence.  Work, work, work!!
Goodbye glasses!
 This is Mr. Smith on the way to Amarillo to have LASIK done (3/22/12).  He did great, the doctors did great, and now he has 20-15 vision.  I know he is going to love not having to mess with contacts anymore.  He took a day off for the surgery, a day off to recover, and went team roping in Clovis on Saturday. He wore shades just in case and even brought home a little money.

Look at that belly!
Gigi and Papaw met us and spent the night.  The kids had a fun time swimming and hanging out at the hotel.
Pretty ladies!
I've never really seen it before, but I think Scout sort of looks like Gigi in this picture.
This was taken at Pat's one day last week.  I just thought Scout was big trouble.  I'm pretty sure she is/was nothing compared to her brother.  

Chocolate Face!
 It's kind of hard to tell here, but he just wants to be up on top of the bar.  That's a good place for a boy, right?

Test driving the new JD lawnmower.

I sort of still can't believe Riley reached out there and bought it brand new.  He is usually the type to shop a round for a used one.  Oh well, I actually can't wait to mow the grass.  

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Jennifer said...

Woohoo! Happy mowing!!! If my yard was big enough, I'd have so much fun on one!
Good to see a post from ya!