Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We go waaay back!

 I go way back with these girls.  Tessa and I became pen pals in junior high after we met at the S-E track meet.  We sort of lost touch in high school but guess who I met up with at WTAMU?  Tessa, a few of her Lockney friends, and I all lived in the same dorm.  

So we had sort of lost touch up until the last couple of years.  Facebook, gotta love it, has brought us back together.  Tessa is now living in Plainview with her husband and two sweet daughters.  She even has a new baby girl named Scout.

Amy transferred to Tech and still lives in Lubbock.  She is an insurance guru and travels the US.  (I'm only sort of jealous.)  

It was great fun to catch up with these ladies.  I know we'll be seeing lots of each other.
Tessa and Sweet Teagan
Teagan and Scout

Tessa and Miss Amy!
Us plus Reno
Our 4 Kiddos!
Mamas & Babies
Tessa with her Sweeties!
Scout & Teagan

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Jennifer said...

How fun! Its always fun reconnecting with old friends.