Friday, June 18, 2010


It's hard to believe that our baby is already two.......the quickest and happiest two years of my life. Yes she's hard-headed, stubborn, impatient, ornary, but she is also the sweetest, funniest, cutest, best little girl in the world. Her daddy and I absolutely adore her.

Looking big on her new wheels!!

Hope made "the CAKE".........I don't need to say much else. You can see for yourself how awesome it is.

Her "loot"!! She received so many nice gifts. Thanks everyone!!

A robe that fits!!
I don't know, it is pretty fun to wear Mom's robe that has to be wrapped around her twenty times.

Gracee, Emma, & Scout
Her best play friends that she has talked about every day since the party. She says "comin back?"

Cousins Tate & Pake testing out the tree house/slide that Riley and Keith built.

Swimmin with Tate.....she isn't fond of going under but it somehow happens every time.

Birthday Girl and Dad

Looks like Aunt Pat and Tandy just finished a yummy bite of shrimp. Thanks KD and David for cooking such a delicious supper!!

Girls, girls!!
Scout, me, G-Ma-Ma, Gigi, & Mimi

This was taken at midnight or maybe it just felt like midnight to me. The Spanglers bought her these cupcakes that are a really cool shape matching toy, but mostly she loves to cook them in her kitchen and then make you taste them.

Bummer!! We won't be able to double birthday parties for Scout and her brother. I did put on here that it is "brother" didn't I?


Lauren said...

Hi Tori! I'm glad you commented on my blog, it's nice to "meet" you! I do know who your family is in a way. I've been around the Austin family since 1999 and I've heard Jim talk about your dad on several occasions and have heard the tragic story. Your daughter is precious and I love your blog!

Lauren said...

I will tell them you said hi and that we have found each other on our blogs! :)