Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trail's Birthday @ Wonderland

This year Trail's birthday party took place at Wonderland Park in Amarillo. Tandy and her boys met us up there. We had a small group, just perfect for keeping up with everyone. Summer and Autumn missed out as they were in Clarendon at Leadership Camp. (Not so sure they missed us either!)

Hope made yet another super cool birthday cake. Trail is into guitars and she made a replica of his birthday gift. Super cool!!

Scout pretty much couldn't decide what she thought about the place. She had big eyes, not tears, not many smiles.....just taking it all in. I do know that she has some pretty sweet boy cousins to ride the kitty rides with her and never complain. It was pretty funny to see Riley stuffed in the little airplane with her. Riley had more fun on the bumper cars than adults are supposed to. He is still a kid, right? He and Tandy also rode the big tower that just drops.

Happy Birthday Jerry Trail!!

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