Sunday, March 8, 2009


These first pics don't show off the mess...just wait you'll get to see it soon enough. We are getting new flooring in the better part of our house and you can see the tearing out going on. Hopefully we'll have pics of the new stuff...soon. We did take a short break to enjoy the day without the wind.

Scout giving Tug "sugar".

Scout's cap.

Momma & Scout

She loves this dog and being outside.

Riley working (sure wanted everybody to see it!!)

The den without carpet.

Bye, bye pink & purple carpet.....we won't miss you!

Our living room piled with furniture.

The kitchen looks different already.


Kait said...

Can't wait to see the floors!!!

Tandy Adams said...

You are going to love the new floors. I'm soo excited for ya! Scout it growing up way to fast. Love the cap!