Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This past weekend we went to Denver, CO for a ranch rodeo. We also went to the Downtown Aquarium. It is a pretty awesome place. Randy Knight (Red) is on the team this year. He is from Pueblo, CO and when we moved back to TX (in 1986) he moved with us. He is like family. His daughter Kelsey came along on the trip. She is a very sweet girl and we look forward to getting to hang out with the two of them more this summer. Sooo.....we won the rodeo. Everything just went really smooth. They won by about 7 points. I think they were the only team that didn't have a "no-time". Quentin did good in the bronc riding. He tied for 2nd place with a 79 score. You can check it out yourself at the bottom of this post.

Momma & Scout at the Aquarium

Mimi & Scout in their matching leopard print.

The whole gang! (See Scout's lollipop? She loved it!!)

Red & Kelsey

The team (Scout is on the horse with Riley).


Tandy Adams said...

Yeah Sandhill! Glad yall qualified. Great pics! It looks like Scout's hair is really growing.... and looks like she was loving that sucker!

Michelle said...

Way to go Sandhill!! Still gonna go beat everybody on the rest of the circuit till Amarillo?...
Hannah said she enjoyed being with ya'll - we got her for a few days down here and she and Kevin N. put out bulls with us - Kevin is a real cowboy now!

Kristi said...

Thanks for entering and adding my button! Hope you guys are doing great!! : )

alee said...

Hi, Tori!

I totally just happened upon your blog! I can't believe how big Scout has gotten! She's absolutely precious. Congrats to everyone on winning in Denver! That's great so early in the year!

I hope you & your family are doing well! :)

Alee Hartline

Me.. said...

Hey Tori..totally unrelated subject..do you online scrapbook? If so, which site do you use? I'm thinking that is the way to go! I'd like to do it and order the pages but need suggestions. Thanks.

NieNie and Goose said...

Glad to find you on here! Scout is precious! Thanks again for coming to the Meet & Greet for Michael. It was good to see you.