Wednesday, April 30, 2014


So, my husband has set "GOALS" for me.  That is exactly how he worded it the other night when he explained that my goal for the next day was to update the blog.  So here we are......

My lack of blogging is most definitely a direct result of my laziness.  It just seems that any extra time I have right now I'd rather spend sleeping. Sorry 'bout ya!!

I'm also getting old, in a number of different ways, but most recently it has been that I'm impatient and aggravated with the "e-mail the pic to myself from my phone save it to my computer" process.  I'm feeling super old and even sometimes have trouble finding the pic.  That is a major confession.  Don't judge, I will take any blogging, computer advice you might have for me.  

So, I kind of did a little test.  I put the Blogger app on my phone, grabbed a few pics, saved it as a draft.  Then all I had to do was pull it up on the computer and commence to typing.  So far so good, we'll see how it continues.

It makes me sad that I rarely use my good camera anymore.  Truly I stink at it.  The phone fits in my pocket, yada yada!!

The good thing is that I didn't quit taking pics or semi-documenting our lives like I've always done.....I simply fell off the blog-wagon!

My Scout girl, she loves the camera!!  I mean truly, there are lots of grown women (myself included) that don't savy angling your body and bending one leg for a pic.  She must be hanging out with Aunt Kaitlyn too much.

These pics pretty well signify the closing of lots of things.  Winter (hello spring and wind), high school basketball (and Autumn's senior year...wah!), and another NFL season.  

The final pic, well it just explains just how fun our lives are right now!!  Kids just being kids.  Yes of course it's exhausting sometimes, but if you just stop and look at's fun!  

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