Monday, October 24, 2011

Surprise, surprise!!

I know you can hardly believe your eyes, a blog post by Tori. Things have just been non-stop around The Smith household and I have tried to rest in my spare time instead of blogging. Forgive me!!

I hope you like the makeover. My new, but I've-never-met-in-person-friend Jennifer did it. She seems to be a pretty handy lady in every since of the word. I can't wait to meet her at the ranch rodeo this year. Speaking of ranch rodeo its almost time for the WRCA - WCRR.

Since I've been MIA, we've had family pictures, new blinds, a family reunion, a first birthday party, a wind-storm, and a new pediatrician just to name a few. We also took Bonnie Concho to Fair on the Square in Canyon, TX. It was our first on the road show. Tiring, but great fun. Of course I don't have pics of anything but the birthday and well duh the family pictures. They turned out great and I highly recommend using Dusty.

I'm gonna re-break ya'll in kind of slow with a few random pics for today.

We wrestle like "wild-indians"!!

We play outside every chance we get.

(Gotta love static electricity in his little blonde "fro".)

My little "Miss" thinking she's all grown-up.

This storm was on Monday, October 17th. We had just gotten home from Reno's one year well check (with the new Dr). I think It blew in sometime between 4 and 5. Not sure of the exact time. It happened really fast though.

It was sooo creepy looking. I of course was afraid it had a tornado in it.

No electricity for a few hours, but I didn't care. I was just glad to be at home.

Hope to report again soon!!


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Jennifer said...

I'm glad ya like it!!!

Just a little over two weeks until rodeo time! Woohoo!!

We had horrible wind and dust storms that same day! It was awful!

Rachel said...

She did do a great job! I love how she's always changing her blog up, and it's always WAY cool!

Yep, the roeo is sneaking up pretty quick like!

And here we are today with nasty cold wind. But, at least maybe fall is actually coming to see us now... it's been hot down this way.

Have a great day!