Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Babies, babies, and more BABIES!!

This is Baby Bronc and his mommy Kristin. We visited them for a bit last week. He is a cutie....looks so grown up. I think he looks like Tyler. Scout calls him Baby Bonc and really wanted him to have jammies and shoes on. What a helper.

We also have puppies at the feedyard. They actually belong to Trail, but I'm not sure if this white one does anymore. For some reason Scout just loves her. She used to yelp, but must just be resigned to the fact that Scout will hunt her down and hold her......no matter what.

Aunt Pat has baby goats at her house and Scout got to give one a bottle. When we saw them before she was afraid, but doesn't act like it anymore. Note the chicken dress that was Autumn's. Pretty fitting to wear at Aunt Pat's house would you say?

"Want a bath, kitty?"........................................"Get back, kitty!!"

Our final baby is a kitty cat. Summer texts me on Saturday afternoon and says that she has an early birthday gift for Scout. Oh cool.....Summer usually gets her clothes or shoes or something fun. Instead the gift was this kitty. Scout likes to feed her, as in hold her face in the food, carry her around, as in put her in a headlock so she can't scratch too much, and as you see here give her a bath, as in possibly drown her.

So we asked Scout on Saturday evening what she wanted to name the kitty.......she thinks for a minute and says "Medicine". I know this is what she is saying because she saw me get a shot and is all about medicine these days. At first I thought it was sweet because animals are like medicine for our souls. Now I understand that it means she is so rough with the kitty that it is going to need medicine. It might also mean that she will give her kitty medicine if she could get her hands on some.

Aren't babies fun?


Kait said...

Hahaha - this whole thing made me laugh. :) Love the chicken dress!

Just wait till the new REAL baby is here - better keep him out of her reach for awhile.

Kait said...

Notice I said "him" - not sure why I did that - maybe it's a sign and you'll have a boy....

Tandy Adams said...

I've been calling the baby "him" too! And Tori, we want to see a picture of your baby bump. Really! Seriously!